About us

Join us on this vital MISSION by engaging in any of the following meaningful ways: by purchasing a pumpkin, contributing a donation of any size, or generously offering your time as a volunteer throughout October. Your giving, no matter the form, will create a profound ripple effect, transforming the lives and futures of children in need.

At Gainesville Church of God, we ardently follow the teachings and character of Jesus Christ, dedicated to serving those who are less privileged. Our mission encompasses sowing the seeds of enduring change across generations through God's Word, along with providing nourishment to those facing hunger both locally and globally.

It's astounding how a simple act of compassion can yield a monumental impact on someone's life. We hold the responsibility to assist others in their moments of vulnerability, providing a beacon of hope to those who may have lost it. By doing so, we're not only offering help but investing in the very fabric of the lives that surround us.


Our work is built on the foundation of long-term commitment and earned trust. Our model focuses on quality food, education and health to support our local communities as well as developing areas of Guatemala, Venezuela, and Uruguay. By concentrating resources on the targeted needs of specific communities, your donation goes a long way to transform the lives of those in need.


Buy a Pumpkin Feed a Child gives 100% of the proceeds to needy children and families. Every pumpkin you buy and dollar you donate goes directly to the mouths of those in need.


Empowering a community for a lifetime begins with granting access to quality food, education, and healthcare. These fundamental human necessities lie at the core of our mission. By joining forces with us, you become a catalyst for immediate and lasting change within families who require assistance the most. Your partnership directly translates into tangible improvements in the lives of those in need.