About us

You can be part of this MISSION by simply purchasing a pumpkin, giving a donation of any amount, or serving as a volunteer in October. Any offering you give will make a significant impact on a child's life and future.


At Gainesville Church of God we strive to follow the character and teachings of Jesus Christ by serving those who are less fortunate. We are working to sow seeds of generational change through God’s Word, as well as feeding the hungry locally and in Latin America.


A simple act of compassion can make a giant impact on someone’s life. We are called to help others in their time of need. We bring hope to the hopeless and invest in the lives of those around us.


Our work is built on the foundation of long-term commitment and earned trust. Our model focuses on quality food, education and health to support our local communities as well as developing areas of Guatemala, Venezuela, and Uruguay. By concentrating resources on the targeted needs of specific communities, your donation goes a long way to transform the lives of those in need.


Buy a Pumpkin Feed a Child gives 100% of the proceeds to needy children and families. Every pumpkin you buy and dollar you donate goes directly to the mouths of those in need.


Access to quality food, education, and health can transform a community forever. These three basic human needs are the heart of what we do. Your partnership makes an immediate difference for families in need.